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SEMADEP -   is the acronym of “SekenaniMaasaiDevelopment Project”.

Sekenani -  is an area inMaasailand, in Maasai Mara  Game Reserve. So, this is a Maasai village in Maasai Mara! Essentially,  SEMADEP is a project designed to develop the Maasai community living in Sekenani area socially, economically and politically in a sustainable manner.

The project has grown into(SEMADEP NGO) that is currently covering the entire Narok South District. SEMADEP NGO established, the SEMADEP Camp in the year 2006 as an income generating activity to support their community projects rather than entirely depends on the donor funding to bring sustainable development to thetheir Maasai community. SEMADEPcontinue to seek more donors, partners and well wishers to support any of their community projects thus creating an enabling environment, where this group of dedicated Maasai; could see their dedication, commitment and resilient, enable them realize their full potential of charting their own development in manner that is compatible with their culture, lifestyle and land!

The SEMADEP Safari camp is a camp in the Masai Mara run by the Masai Community. Visit us and enjoy the greatest migration on earth, explore the rolling plains of the world’s finest park, spot the diverse range of wildlife the Mara has to offer and learn about the way of life of the local Maasai community.

Visit the real Masai Mara and enjoy a truly African experience whilst supporting sustainable tourism.

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Full board accomodation in the Masai Mara from only 70 USD per night.

Some of our Community Projects

  • Semadep camp
  • Sekenani community health centre
  • Semadep school
  • Sekenani water project
  • OVC(Orphans and Vulnerable Children) programe
  • Sekenani community knowledge centre
  • Maasai cultural Tourism and conservation centre
Semadep Mara Camp, Maasai Mara National Reserve P.O Box 353 - 20500 Narok, Kenya
Tel: +254 717 53 58 58, +254 723 946 234.
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