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SEMADEP Mara Camp,... being a community income generating activity for the Maasai Community, also offer a perfect opportunity for all kinds of volunteers across the the world. For volunteers who choose to come through SEMADEP, there are a lot of benefits and opportunities while staying with us. Key among them;

1. We have the SEMADEP NGO, which has various programs that cut across the volunteer fraternity e.g a community Health facility, the Semadep Community School, OVC(Orphans and Vulnerable Children)programe, a community water project, a community ICT knowledge centre(CKC), a Maasai Cultural Manyatta, a conservation programe, a youth and women empowerment programs and a local church. The ICT centre, provides an easy and a convenient access to internet at a minimal cost.

2. Proximity to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. We live right in the Mara and we know everything about the Mara. If you have an interest in visiting the Maasai Mara for a game drive, or to witness the wildbeast migration or simply interact with the local Maasai people and learn their culture and way of life; this offer you the best opportunity. we can organise a tailor made safari for you as well.

3. Nature, culture and wildlife need to be conserved! We are conservationist of nature, culture and wildlife by nature. The rapid changes sweeping across the world is forcing the Maasai to change their lifestyle. This phenomenon is threatening the survival and sustainability of this highly admired culture, nature and wildlife of the Maasai and the Mara ecosystem. This makes it, a perfect hub for researchers either on a cultural, nature or wildlife perspective and the interconnection between them. We encourage donors, researchers and volunteers from all walks of life as well as Missionaries to come and stay with the SEMADEP community and act as catalysts for meaningful and sustainable community development.

4. You can also come and support the Siana Conservancy both materially and with expertise e.g research, capacity building etc. If you are there, and wish to participate, donate or contribute in any way, towards any of these programs,..please don't hesitate, your support or participation will be highly appreciated

WELCOME and Feel at HOME, while away from Home!!



Semadep Mara Camp, Maasai Mara National Reserve P.O Box 353 - 20500 Narok, Kenya
Tel: +254 717 53 58 58, +254 723 946 234.
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