SEkenani MAasai DEvelopment Project

Nestled somewhere around here is a small eco lodge camp, 2 Kms away from the main gate to Maasai Mara (Sekanani Gate) that offers you an untamed wilderness experience. Enjoy a wilderness escape deep in the Masai Mara. Comfort in the bush.

Wilderness all around. A garden of eden. All the basics amenities you need. Amazing Safari Experiences, surrounded by wildlife, in the heart of the bush. We invite you to be a part of this untamed bit of Africa!







We are situated in Sekenani, on a small magical hill that offers the most spectacular sundowners with an epic view of the Mara , all the way to the Siria escapement. We are the first pioneers among the local Masai, to take the most daring move of putting up a tourist camp in the entire Mara. In an industry that is predominantly dominated by foreigners and wealthy powerful business class, it proved to be the greatest risk and most daring move. But we are always very proud of taking such a bold step by selling all our few sheep , goats and cows and eventually establishing this piece of rare jewel. Our move has inspired so many other local Masai , who saw a possibility through us!

The camp is a 100% owned by the local Masai, and it is a typical model of poverty eradication among local communities, through Responsible Tourism and sustainable community development. Help us through business opportunities and together we eradicate poverty by empowering the local communities. Every human deserves a dignified living and it is only through hard work and collaboration that this becomes possible! 25% of the generated profits goes to the community through our Semadep Foundation.