The SEMADEP Foundation CBO, has an impressive track records with regard to Donor Funding, accountability and transparency. We always channeled every donated money or resources to exactly where the individual Donor intended, accompanied by an accurate and timely reports on the same. Through the Support of various well wishers , and part of the profit, 20% from the Semadep Mara camp, we have managed to initiate and sustain a number of projects that greatly benefit our community.
Primarily we are focused on Three(3) Key Pillars of Community Development.
•Sekenani Community Health center
•Semadep School
•Sekenani Community Water Project
•Sponsorship Program For Needy Kids
•Family to Family program
•Community Knowledge Centre(CKC)
•Masai Annual Cultural Day

•Semadep Mara camp
•Olboma Cultural Village and Home stay
•Women Beads Program
•Bulls Fattening Project

3.Capacity Building&Community Empowerment
•Youth Empowerment
•Women Empowerment

We undertake a number of capacity building seminars and trainings that are intended to educate and sensitize the community on a number of issues beneficial to them. We try to create a situation of capability and preparedness among the Locals. Virtually everything is shifting from a cultural, pastoralist and nomadic lifestyle perspective of the typical Maasai. This is a hard and quite interesting time-shift for the Maasai people, and nobody is actually telling the Maasai what is happening, what to do or where to go! This is what we are trying to do, and we are passionately into it.