Any visit to the Maasai Mara is never complete  without a visit to the Maasai village! This is the only opportunity to perfectly interact with the local Maasai tribe of Kenya. An internationally very famous tribe, that is well known for its unique and rich culture that has mysteriously, withstood the test of time! It still baffle many, how the did they managed to keep their beautiful culture intact for decades in the expense of modernization!

In your visit of the Maasai village, a thrilling and the most authentic experience of a life time is almost guaranteed! Here, the always cultured, original and highly hospitable Maasai people will welcome you in their manyatta/village. Here, they will entertain you with their cultural dances including their trade mark high jumping dance, one in the entire world can jump swiftly and graciously dance mid air but the Maasai themselves!

The Maasai are hospitable people, who never limits your stay with them. They neither limits what they share,..they will share everything from their dances, culture as well as their way of life. If you want to stay for an over night in the village it is possible. If you want to stay for several days, it is still possible!

Rate: $15 per person per unlimited visit. This fees goes to support the Maasai cultural Tourism and conservation centre as well as bringing direct benefits to the Maasai themselves!

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