We organize nature walk safaris based on clients requests. Here, you get a perfect opportunity to interact with nature by walking with the local English speaking Maasai morans. These young morans with a perfect understanding of the area’s plants, wildlife and culture will lead you in the walk, where you have a variety of options eg climbing the Naunerri hill, herding the cows/sheep and goats and experience their real way of life, learning the making and practice weaponry like throwing spears, bows and arrows, club throwing etc.

This also provides you with an opportunity to have a panoramic view of the entire mara and its beautiful sceneries besides the very high probability of spotting the small animals like the dik dik, the antelopes, hare, Â birds of the mara and big animals like the elephants, zebras and buffaloes which are normally watched at a safe distance.
Other than guiding you throughout your walk, the maasai morans will explain everything about plants, wild animals, birds, sceneries, herding, weaponry and culture in the context of their cultural point of view and understanding. They will also answer all your questions  about any aspects of their environment.

Time: 1-3 hours

Rate: $ 15

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