The Maasai Mara has to be one of the most popular safari destinations in Kenya and Africa at large. While at the Maasai Mara you get to enjoy the beautiful nature scenery, breathtaking wildlife view and The Maasai Culture.

Game Drive Safaris

The most essential activity while at the Maasai Mara is definitely the game drive. A visit to the Mara will be incomplete without this. We do organize game drives based on your itinerary with the guarantee of an amazing experience. Our qualified guides will guide you through the park with the sole aim of ensuring you enjoy the wild beauty.

Rate: $150 Full day

Nature Walk Safari

We organize nature walk safaris based on clients requests. Here, you get a perfect opportunity to interact with nature by walking with the local English speaking Maasai morans. These young morans with a perfect understanding of the area’s plants, wildlife and culture will lead you in the walk, where you have a variety of options such as climbing the Naunerri hill, herding the cows/sheep and goats and experience their real way of life, learning the making and practice weaponry like throwing spears, bows and arrows, club throwing etc. This also provides you with an opportunity to have a panoramic view of the entire Maasai Mara and its beautiful scenery besides the very high probability of spotting the small animals like the dik dik, the antelopes, hare, birds of the Maasai Mara and big animals like the elephants, zebras and buffaloes which are normally watched at a safe distance. Other than guiding you throughout your walk, the Maasai morans will explain everything about plants, wild animals, birds, scenery, herding, weaponry and culture in the context of their cultural point of view and understanding. They will also answer all your questions about any aspects of their environment. Time: 1-3 hours

Rate: $15 Per Person

Maasai Village Visit

Any visit to the Maasai Mara is never complete without a visit to the Maasai village! This is the only opportunity to perfectly interact with the local Maasai tribe of Kenya. An internationally very famous tribe, that is well known for its unique and rich culture that has mysteriously, withstood the test of time! It still baffles many, how they have managed to keep their beautiful culture intact for decades in the expense of modernization! In your visit of the Maasai village, a thrilling and the most authentic experience of a life time is almost guaranteed! Here, the always cultured, original and highly hospitable Maasai people will welcome you in their manyatta/village. They will entertain you with their cultural dances including their trade mark high jumping dance,..no one in the entire world can jump swiftly and graciously dance mid air but the Maasai themselves!

Rate: $15 Per Person

Balloon Safari

It is always spectacular to have a view of Maasai Mara mid air! Besides the opportunity to see the wildlife over the air, this is a perfect opportunity to treasure the scenic view of Maasai Mara in a life time! Breakfast is provided after the flight as well as a certificate.

Rate: $400 Per Person