How can you help?

SEMADEP has a proven track record of taking the kind support we have been given and using it to benefit our community. That is why we were highly commended in the Virgin Holidays responsible tourism awards.

Our aim is to generate as much of the funds needed to run our numerous projects through the Safari camp but due to the size of the community and the scale of the task we need additional financial support. Companies such as CISCO have generously supported the development of our Knowledge Centre and the input of our Dutch friends has been vital in getting the Medical centre where it is today but we need additional support to maintain the projects.

Ideally many of the facilities we provide would be state supported. But sadly the only thing currently provided by the state are the drugs for our clinic.

So where do you come in, well the main way is to come to the camp experience what we have to offer and be secure in the knowledge that the money you pay for the game drive and accommodation is being used for the good of the community.

As well as volunteering your time and skills while with us you could sponsor a child to help them get through their education. Schooling fees uniforms and books are just some of the expenses needing to be covered in order to give a child an education.


You may choose while with us to volunteer your expertise in order to help our various projects such as helping in the medical centre if you are a health professional or the pre-school if you are a nursery teacher or classroom assistant, the opportunities a numerous. You may be an IT consultant able to help our Knowledge Centre or a builder able to help with the camps building programme.

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